Construction of the New HQ has started


/EPMay 13, 2018

New Headquarters


We are very excited to announce the plans for the build of our new headquarters, which will be located in Eemnes (Utrecht). Situated next to the junction of the A1 and A27 we will literally be in the middle of everything.

The 7000 square feet building will house all the facilities , such as a new CNC milling & tooling center, a scanning room and 3D-printers  to ensure we can take on future exotic projects in a clean, modern environment overlooking the countryside.


/EPSeptember 5, 2017

Refit project started

We have started working on the refit of a 2002 Sunseeker Predator 56, an 18.5M motor yacht which will get the SR treatment of both the interior and exterior. The conventional propulsion will also be replaced by a hybrid system. The end result will be for charter in the Mediterranean in the late summer of 2018.


/EPOctober 11, 2016

GLM G4 unveiled…

We are proud of the first result of our collaboration with Japanese EV company GLM. Their determination and vision of the combination of Exotic & Electric is really showing in the first demo, the GLM G4.

/EPOctober 1, 2016








/EPSeptember 26, 2016

Roots and Origin

From the most beautiful sceneries of the world situated on the Côte d’Azur, there is a vibe that energized us to create the ultimate projects.

We design & create ‘social’ projects such as sports cars, yachts and villas. Projects that should be shared & celebrated in good company.

… Beyond Exotic…

Roadyacht gts

High performance is essential for a supercar and therefore by definition not a unique trait. Our endeavor is not only to come up with a new supercar design, but to create a new supercar genre: 4 seat 4 door convertible coupe. A sleek coupe which can be ‘Topless on demand’ by the push of a button.

Inspired by the indescribable yachting culture comes the Roadyacht GTS. In a world of superlatives everyone tries to stand out and be extraordinary, the limited special!

Our lightweight Savage Rivale cars use standard benchmark features such as a 600+ horsepower V8 engine, a modular hybrid monocoque chassis with integrated safety cell and ceramic brakes.

Our vision, however, is unique…

The Roadyacht GTS, the ‘social’ supercar  …

2012 Promo video

4 years ago we decided to create a video to show our brand image so we spent some time in the south of France with a small crew and some drones, this is what happened:

Savage Rivale 2012 Promo

Track Testing Prototype 001

The first prototype is subjected to the first performance tests on the drift parcours at Weeze Airport Germany. Racing driver Yelmer Buurman helps us with the improving of the handling characteristics.

Prototype # 001

After 8 months of hard work 18 hours a day 6 days a week, the first prototype is finished. On the 1st of April in 2009 Prime Minister Balkenende unveils the car during the AutoRai.

From 2D to 3D


The next 6 months the duo spent their time carving the clay model going back and forth. The 2D sketches and 3D clay model are used to put the car into the virtual world to scale it up to real live dimensions. During this time all design problems are tackled on the fly. Door hinge constructions, sitting positions and engine lay out are some of the big hurdles that have to be taken. In retrospect this was the time with the steapest learning curve.

Concept becomes reality

Emile Pop meets Justin de Boer during his product design studies  and together they create the concept of a 4 door convertible supercar.

They immediately share an entrepreneurial enthusiasm, which enables the duo to secure funding and partners to start their voyage. In the first 6 months, a clay model is carved out to visualize the exterior. At that time, the company is just a two man show and realizing the dream still seems impossible.


Inspiration leads to an idea

In 2005, riding along the coastal roads on the Côte d’Azur, Emile Pop was struck by a spark of inspiration. He realizes that while many people can have fun on speedboats and yachts, only 2 can fit in supercars.

It was then and there, that Emile decides the time is right for a new breed of ‘social’ supercars, bearing the following hallmarks:

  • Convertible
    4 seats

    4 doors
    Yacht-like interior
    In your face exterior


Expertise #5

Physical prototyping & homologation

Expertise #4

Component packaging and engineering

Coming Soon




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